Ushna – Learning Independently

Here Ushna is demonstrating that the children are really developing their independence. It’s hard to remember how far they have come this year and that they are already exhibiting their readiness for year one. I was proud of the way Ushna conducted herself when I asked her to do a task using the iPad. I had used an app to record myself saying a word. Ushna had the task of then writing the word on her white board. I was able to write the word on the app which appear on the screen after a few second. Ushna needed to check her word against the one I’d written. Ushna did fantastically. She wrote all the words I had given and then even a few more at the end. I put Ushna on the rainbow for being motivated to learn independently and to keep her focus when other around her were choosing.

Well done Ushna!



The app I used was:
Video Scribe


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