Teamwork – Construction with pipes

Zayan and Leah made an interesting construction today using pipes and masking tape. They began by attaching some of the pipes together to make a long series. At first they just used the pipe to play with but then Zayan developed his idea to attach them to the pencils. Leah suggested it could be a swing. They used the masking tape together cooperatively. Leah holding the pipes and Zayan wrapping the masking tape around. Not an easy task I can tell you! I did try! They continued on with much perserverence. Especially through the frustrations of the pipes falling apart after been secured with ‘a lot’ of tape! Wrapping tape around an object shows a great deal of dexterity as well as bilateral coordination – been able to move one side of the body differently to the other. Zayan showed great finger tip control, holding both the pipe and the tape together with one hand.

The other children began to join in the construction – Zayan leading the others telling them that they were making pipes and where they needed more pipes.

Mrs Parry sang our tidy up song. ‘Oh no’ signed Zayan disappointingly. ‘I wanted to finish it’. We allowed the construction to be left up and Zayan returned to his building after lunch to develop it further – showing a really commitment to making it bigger, better and bolder!

Well done Zayan and Leah for fabulous teamwork and negotiation.










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