Singapore Maths Visitors

This afternoon in Singapore Maths we had visitors. The 3 blind mice came along for tea. The children had to use their counting skills to work out how many of each of the objects we needed so that all the mice could have a bite to eat . We counted the mice to work out how many had come to visit and Nevaeh helped them to sit on the chairs. We were able to correctly count all 3 mice then we had to work out how many plates we needed. Sienna kindly gave each mouse a plate. After tea the mice decided to go for a walk in the rain and they needed umbrellas. Leighton gave out the umbrellas. After the mice had left Mrs Crowder discovered we had a problem, all 3 grown ups wanted a cup of tea in a posh cup and saucer , we had 3 cups but only 1 saucer what a catastrophe! After some excellent maths detective work we were able to work out that we needed 2 more saucers, and we really enjoyed our delicious pretend tea.
The Jellies worked so well in Singapore Maths today and I am sure they would really enjoy some more number challenges, can you think of one for the Jellies to work out?





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