Pride Assembly

This week we attended pride assembly for the first time with the rest of the school. Our children were fantastically well behaved and should the rest of the school how smart and quiet we can line up and sit still. I am so proud of them all. I nominated Abigael to get our feeling proud award this week. Abigael works so hard during learning time. She concentrate hard and makes a brilliant contribution to discussions, but never shouts out. She is always waiting patiently for her turn and showing her learning sign. In choosing time Abigael is an excellent friend, she is kind and helpful. She makes a brilliant effort in tidy up time and is always looking for tidy jobs to do.

Well done Abigael. You are a brilliant Jelly!

How are you going to work hard next week to get on the pot of gold/pride certificate? What are you going to do everyday to earn you’re place?


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