Maths in the provision

Maths in our setting takes on many different forms. There are our teacher led sessions taking place all together in front of the board with myself in the lead, and Mrs Toner and Miss Mark supporting children who are finding the current objectives a bit of a challenge. However little did you know that Maths creeps up on us all whilst the children are involved in play during choosing time.


Here Mrs Toner is working with Nicole, playing a game to develop the learning that has taken place on the carpet by allowing Nicole to apply some of her new knowledge in a different situation. The objectives we are covering this week is ordering numerals and working out one more than a numeral and also working out one more using objects and fingers.

Within the provision activities are set up for children to embark on independently to support these objectives and again apply them.

There is a jigsaw to complete. Well done Kerry for taking on this challenge.


There are some number planets orbiting the sun. But there are some planets/numbers missing. The children can fit the correct number planet in the right place. Well done Danielle for taking on this challenge.


Here Marley and Luis are working together to build with different sized and shaped blocks. Even though this is not a specifically object linked activity, Luis and Marley are discussing the creation using vocabulary we learnt last week when we were investigating size, weight, distance and height and using the correct dies riptide language associated with it. Well done Luis and Marley, not only for excellent teamwork but also for using your maths learning in discussion.

Hope this has been an interesting insight into a day of our learning,

If you have any questions, feel free to comment!

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