Guided Reading

Every week the Jiggling Jellies have the opportunity to read in a small group with Mrs Crowder or Mrs Toner. It is during these guided reading sessions that the children have the chance to put into practise all the skills they are learning in phonics (Letters & Sounds). The
Jellies are learning all the graphemes (letters) and the phonemes (sounds the letters make) to be able to blend words together to allow them to read. Today we were looking at the graphemes d a d and c a n to blend the words dad and can. We are also learning that some of the words are tricky and cannot be sound talked such as the word “the” and “go”.
It really does make an amazing difference to the children’s learning when they have the opportunity to read at home and we really enjoy swapping reading books on Thursday mornings and reading all the comments in the home reading diaries that you have all written.
Keep reading Jellies, you are doing so very well.




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