Circle Time

During circle time today we talked about how we felt when we came to school for the very first time. Simon the teddy came to visit us from nursery and we each had a little cuddle and passed him around the learning circle. Some of the children told Simon how they felt on their 1st day, this helped Simon as he was feeling a little shy and frightened but he soon realised that school is a great place to come and he was soon confident to make new friends.

Deacon told us he was excited to come to school as he knew he would make new friends.
Danielle told Simon that at first she felt a bit shy.
Nevaeh was happy to come to school to see her friends who went to the same nursery as she did.
Corrie felt very happy because he knew he would meet new friends, and he is still friends with the children he met at his nursery.
Leighton also felt happy as he saw some of his friends he met before at his nursery, but he also made new friends, they were smiling at him.
Zayan loved his first day at school because there were loads of things to do especially the bikes.
Courtney was excited about moving into Y1.






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