Children in Need

Thanks to all our families who have supported us during our fundraising events today. Thanks to all the parents who donated £1 so their children could dress in pyjamas. They looked just the part for a day of fun and games.

An extra big thanks to Deacon’s Nannan who baked delicious buns and sweets to help us raise more money. Several parents bought buns and the children absolutely loved them – as you could probably tell from their chocolate faces when they came home!

The event of the day was the Pathways does reality TV. Jane and Debs were amazing as Ant and Dec and Brucie and Tess. They were definitely the hostesses with the mostest!

Foundation Stage grown ups performed Minions do Strictly. I hope that the children enjoyed it, but judging by the screams of laughter, I think we pleased them. Mrs Webb made a very convincing Gru and only Mrs Toner could be the naughty minion!

Check out the other blogs to see what talents the year groups have!


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